Don’t Cry for Me Argentina

It won’t be easy, you’ll think it strange…

Work at home Friday for one Gregalicious, and yes, I feel marvelous after not having to get up to an alarm at the ungodly hour of six a.m. It doesn’t matter how many days, weeks, months or years I have to do that–I will never get used to it. I’ve had 9 to 5 jobs before and it didn’t matter. I never got used to getting up to the alarm, never failed to get tired or worn down during the course of the week, and was generally so tired by Friday all I could do was pray for the day to end. Why is this? I don’t know, but I have always been like this–even when I was a kid. I made some decent progress on the book last night–thank God–and hopefully will be able to do so tonight as well.

Last night I joined some colleagues and friends for a catch-up-we-don’t-see-each-other-enough ZOOM call, which was lovely. They taught me how to take my face off the screen (I don’t like looking at myself, which is why I’ve always hated doing ZOOM things) and I learned how to blur out my background so I don’t have to stress about open cabinet doors or a stray dirty dish or case of condoms in camera range (which is why I’ve always hated ZOOM things) and it was quite lovely. It was a nice cap on an odd day of weird energy. As always, I enjoyed my clients and there was cake again today (there’s been cake pretty much every day this week), but I felt like I wasn’t getting as much done as I usually can and like I was kind of drifting through the day, if that makes any bit of sense (USE YOUR WORDS, WRITER BOY). But after the call I got through another chapter, and I think I am over the hump now and can buckle down and get the damned thing finished at long last. I have a lot to do this weekend, and not much time for being lazy and recharging (my favorite things to do) my batteries.

But it’s going to take some more time. In fact, I am going to stop being so lethargic and talk to my editor today and let her know how behind this is and see what we can do. Avoidance always makes things worse, you know, and this is a lesson I learned a long time ago–which makes this regression back to a time when “avoidance” was my middle name puzzling, confusing, and worrisome. I used to evade responsibility at every opportunity; eventually I realized that stepping up and taking responsibility was better for me on every level. Maybe I tend to overdo that somewhat; I don’t need to take responsibility for everything as not everything is actually mu fault, but I have also found that taking responsibility like that gives everyone and everything the chance to deal and move on. And sometimes that’s the best thing to do; because things inevitably devolve to “who do we need to blame for this?” and that isn’t productive.

After working some, Paul and I got caught up on The Other Two, which isn’t as funny in its third season as it was in its earlier ones, and then spent some more time with Somebody Somewhere, which I really do like. Today I have work-at-home duties as well as chores to get done before I can curl up with today’s edits; this weekend I have other things to do so I have to put the book aside once I take responsibility for my failures to get this revision done in a timely manner and get this back on the road to its completion. This morning I feel more clear-headed than I have all week, but then of course I should have expected to be tired this week; last weekend I spent over eleven hours driving between Saturday and Sunday and of course, the weekend was an emotional drain. It’s actually been quite a week, frankly; between the emotional rollercoaster of the weekend to the madness of getting three Anthony nominations and of course, the constant struggle to get this book finished, it’s really not a surprise that I was drained and tired and fatigued in every way (emotional, intellectual, and physical) by the time Thursday came rolling around. I also realized this morning/last night that the way I’ve been revising this book hasn’t been the best way to do it; I’ve been doing something different in my approach and as such, feel like no progress is ever being made and that makes it even harder. I was trying to work from the manuscript draft, with everything in one document, as opposed to what I usually do, which is every chapter has its own file with the chapter number and draft number as the file name (example: Chapter 2-4 means fourth draft of chapter two) and I can get the enormous satisfaction of keeping track and getting things done; working in one document there is none of that, and I think not getting that serotonin blast from the illusion of getting things done and moving ahead is what has been holding me back. I am going to go back to the old way of doing things while cutting and pasting the new stuff into the long document and see if that speeds me back up.

Never change the ingrained habits of over twenty years, for therein lies the path to madness.

And on that note, I am heading into the spice mines. May your Friday be as lovely as you are, Constant Reader, and I’ll clock back in tomorrow.

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