Keep It Together

Friday morning and I slept deeply and well last night (huzzah!). I was very tired last night after I got home from work–very very tired–so I didn’t even try to get anything done. I thought I might sit in the chair so Scooter could sleep in my lap and wouldn’t howl at me for a while, and watched Vanderpump Rules (I really don’t know why; I’ve been meaning to write about the “Scandoval” and the last season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for a long time; just haven’t gotten to it yet) and remembered why I stopped watching a long time ago, then tried Real Housewives Ultimate Girls’ Trip since it was the last episode, but it opened on the continuation of the search for Gizelle’s tequila bottle (talk about made up drama) and I thought, nah, I’m good and switched it off. The point is, I kept dozing off while sitting in the chair and Scooter remained in place; finally around nine-ish Paul wasn’t home yet so I went upstairs to bed–and slept so soundly I didn’t even hear him come home and go to bed. So yes, this morning for the first time this week I feel very rested, which is marvelous. It’s work-at-home Friday, of course, so I have data to enter and things to sort and reports to read and so on and so on and so on, all while trying to get caught up on the housework when I need a break from the computer. There’s dishes to empty from the dishwasher and reload it with; the bed linens need laundering; and I started a load of clothes last night that needs to be finished this morning. Later today I need to run some errands–groceries and the mail, of course–and later, of course, I am terribly behind on the revision of this book. The goal for this weekend is to try to get caught up and try to get as much done as possible. Thursday I am leaving for Malice Domestic–and while I will try to get work done while I am there, it’s highly unlikely. I also need to select books to read for the flight, while aI am there, and the flight home (for me, one of the best parts of traveling is reading on the plane and at the airport; what can I say? I fucking love to read, get over it).

I am glad that I’ve made it to the weekend, although I hate looking ahead like that most of the time because I always remember my mom saying “you’re just wishing your life away,” which is kind of true, and now that I have so little time left (just in general, not a diagnosis; I am just more aware of where I am in the timeline of my life than I used to be) I probably shouldn’t waste time as much as I do. But even that sense–wasting time–is part of the programming about life I got as a child that has also proven to be so terribly incorrect so frequently as an adult. There’s nothing wrong with rest. And that’s really what “wasting time” is; resting and relaxing and turning your brain off for a while to recharge your batteries when they’ve been drained. I do work a lot–between the day job (well into year eighteen now) and the writing and the editing and the volunteering I do on top of all the day-to-day things I have to take care of in my life so that it functions–groceries, dishes, laundry, cooking, etc.–so whenever I am tired, I don’t feel guilty about stepping away from the world and turning my brain off so it can recharge and continue to work properly. We all need down time–and the people who don’t? Well, those are the enormously driven and successful Type-A personalities we all admire and wish we could be more like…but it’s also a lot of work and their drive is almost pathological.

It’s also supposed to rain today and it’s already gray outside. The handyman painted our steps and railing (it’s really amazing what a difference something that small can make), and of course the entire apartment is a disaster area, the way it always is on Friday mornings. My desk is not as bad as it usually is, but I am definitely going to have to do some chores before I start working today. Sigh. I am going to miss my work-at-home Fridays if and when they finally take them away from us.

And on that note, I am heading into the spice mines. Sorry to be so dull, but hey, it’s Friday. Have a good one, Constant Reader!

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