Mother’s Little Helper

Well, I guess it’s been a hot minute since my last bout of insomnia, so I guess I was due. Sigh.

It’s also Wednesday Pay the Bills Day, so yay? And one week from today I’ll be heading to the airport to fly into New York for the weekend. Yikes! Time certainly does fly. I feel okay this morning, despite the insomnia–we’ll see how this plays out in the long run, won’t we?–but I was very tired yesterday. I had felt really good upon finishing Mississippi River Mischief and turning it in; and felt great most of Monday, so I figured the emotional/physical exhaustion from finishing a book must have somehow been bypassed, maybe by remaining calm over that last week? I was wrong. I slept well Monday night and felt good yesterday morning, but by the afternoon was dragging and drained and tired and had trouble focusing. Paul and I continued watching Sherwood, which has really picked up and is quite good–I love that the entire mystery is focused on fallout and unresolved issues from the miners’ strike back in the 1980’s–and then I retired relatively early as I was barely able to keep my eyes open–and then of course never fell deeply asleep last night. I am having dinner with a friend in from out of town tonight, so hopefully I’ll be on my game tonight. I think another shower and clean-up after work is probably in order, and will work for the best.

Sigh, so, so much to do and get done, seriously.

Hilariously, the other day I got an email that someone had commented on my old Livejournal blog, the original Queen and Loathing in America, which was kind of odd, so I went and had a look. It was on my New Year’s post of goals for 2012, and I had to laugh as I scrolled through them and saw these last two:

6. Work on my motivation. I would like to be less lazy in 2012, and be better about staying on tops of things-no more putting off till tomorrow because I don’t feel like doing it today. This can certainly help with everything above, that’s for fricking sure.

7. Always stay focused on the positive. It’s very easy to get distracted as well as discouraged by on-line idiots hiding behind the security of their keyboards and saying things they would never have the courage to say to someone’s face. It’s also easy to get sidetracked by the on-line viciousness of the bitter, the jealous, and the nasty. I’ve gotten much better about this, but could be better still. I pledge that in 2012 that said people and their vitriol will continue to be viewed with contemptuous amusement by me, and I will continue to laugh at their bitter nastiness–and despite all the petty jealous attacks disguised as ‘book reviews’–I will continue to write and publish and have a career. And you know who you are. Just know that I truly pity you–because your talent is just as small as you are as a person.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. One of the goals I did see on that list that I think I’ve managed was to diversify and expand my writing to try new things and explore new styles, not only of writing but of genres. I think I’ve done a pretty good job of that–my books are all varied to a degree–which reminded me of another question I was asked, by John at Murder by the Book for my event there–you’ve written so many different styles of book, is there anything you haven’t tried yet but you want to? The answer was, of course, romance; I’ve been wanting to write an actual queer romance novel for a very long time, and even had various ideas for them over the years–but I have one idea now that I really want to try to write. I don’t know that I will write on in 2023, but it’s definitely moved up a lot higher on my “to-write” list. I have a couple of projects in progress that I do want to finish before adding something else to the list of unfinished things; I guess the point of 2023 is to make this the year of finishing things. But I need to snap out of this malaise because January is speeding past, and I need to make use of this month especially since I’ll be in New York for a long weekend next week, and I rarely, if ever, get any writing done when I am not at home. (I used to be able to do this and I am not really sure what has changed here, but there it is.)

And on that note, I am heading into the spice mines. Have a lovely Wednesday, Constant Reader, and I will talk to you again later.

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