River Deep Mountain High

Wednesday morning and I am now halfway through my work-at-the-office week.

I slept well last night–it’s becoming a thing, although now that I’ve said that I’ve undoubtedly jinxed things–and didn’t really want to get out of bed this morning, but that was mostly laziness and feeling relaxed and comfortable in my bed and not wanting to deal with things I have to do today. Because, well, lazy. I did manage to get a lot done yesterday; Paul even came home last night before I went to bed, which was also really nice; we got to actually spend some time talking and hanging out before he went upstairs to get back to work. I hate being a Festival widow, frankly, and this time of year always has me a bit out of sorts because my normal isn’t happening–come home from work, go to the gym, make dinner, watch something on television with Paul–and I don’t much like that part of the year. Only a few more weeks, tho, and everything will be done for the year and we will return to what passes as normal around here again.

Heavy heaving sigh.

I am making progress on editing–it’s not going as quickly as I would like, but the manuscript is getting better–and I have a whole lot of other things I need to get done this month, too. STRESS. But I am trying to keep my head down and just stay focused and get everything done as efficiently as I can. What else can I do? Heavy sigh. But you know something? As time consuming as it is to edit my book the way I am doing it right now (old school, off a printed out copy I am marking up and then inputting) is actually working better for some reason than doing it in the word documents in my computer (probably because this is how I learned how to do it in the first place); more time consuming and more work, but it is working for me, and it’s helping me create a better book, which I really appreciate. I need to get to the point where I write and factor in time to edit this way, because it really does work better for me.

The weather is going to be chilly and damp today; it’s gray outside still even though the sun is coming up. Ah, bipolar late winter weather in New Orleans. It was cold yesterday morning when I left for work and yet was muggy and almost eighty degrees when I came home yesterday. But our new system works beautifully (although I hate that I have to manually switch it from heat to cool and vice versa), which means I actually use it more than I ever have before. Our power bill has actually decreased since we got the new system too–even in August, when it ran non-stop and our thermostat controls were messed up and it kept the temperature below sixty at times; I assumed the power bill that month was going to be over three hundred bucks, if not higher…and it wasn’t. And thus far this winter, even running the heat as much as we have (more than usual, because we never really HAD heat before) the bills have been lower than they used to be, or right around the same amount as previous winters.

And on that note, I am off to the spice mines. Have a lovely Wednesday, Constant Reader.

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