Saturday Night Forever

I’ve been sleeping really well lately, but last night’s sleep was a record breaker, I think. I was down and out for the count, man–I can’t remember the last time I slept like the dead, and I have to say, it was wonderful. I’m still a bit lethargic this morning but every muscle and joint in my body feels relaxed and rested, and what a lovely feeling this is.

It was hot yesterday–hellishly hot. I don’t know if this summer is hotter than usual, or if I manage to somehow forget from year to year how miserably hot it gets here during the summer, but yesterday was terrible. I had to run an errand during the day–pick up a prescription– and was completely wiped out and drained when I got back to the cool of the Lost Apartment–I also needed to run to Rouse’s, so I waited until after six thirty and it was still like a blast furnace out there. After the prescription run, I was pretty exhausted–it’s amazing how much the heat and humidity can suck the energy right out of you, which is why New Orleans always used to be a ghost town in the summer pre-Katrina (and I could never understand why we were still crowded with tourists all summer when ‘summer trips to New Orleans’ became a thing after 2008 or so; why would anyone voluntarily come here in the summer was always beyond me–shouldn’t you go to a beach or the lake or something?). New Orleans is a ghost town now, of course–but not because of the heat. I am also very happy to report that every time I’ve gone to a store or anywhere in the city, everyone is masked. I am very proud of the way New Orleans has, for the most part, responded to this entire crisis. Sure, there’s some stupidity, but overall, it’s a very tiny percentage of the population here.

Today is going to be a very good day; I’ve already decided. I am going to get this mess cleaned up and I am also going to get to work on some writing projects. Dipping into my file cabinets also made me realize what a fucking mess my entire system is–the system, which has always driven me crazy, frankly, is that there really isn’t one. I think the original point was to keep business and fiction writing separated–and there is something to that mentality–but I should just combine everything alphabetically which would make it easier to find anything at any time. And while this would be an extraordinary time-consuming thing to do, I think it’s necessary and it would be incredibly soothing and satisfying.

I’d share a picture of my kitchen/office right now to show you all what a disgusting slob I can be–but Paul was correct when he observed, “You like to make messes so you can clean them up, don’t you?” I felt so SEEN.

Well, perhaps it’s time for me to get going on my day. Have a lovely Saturday, Constant Reader, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.

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