Million Reasons

I overslept this morning.

It happens, you know? I’d intended to get up this morning, swill down some coffee, and then get in the car and drive over to the West Bank to my car dealer to pick up my license plate, and then go make groceries. Now that I’ve slept in, I am thinking, well, I can go get groceries, and then come home and work on the kitchen, and get the license plate one day before work this week.

This, you see, is how it happens. But I am also thinking that my temporary plate is still good until March, you see, so it actually would make sense, efficiency wise, to wait and go one morning this week, make a list of questions for the guy who sold me my car (he’d explained some things about the car to me the morning I bought it, but of course my mind was completely in I just bought a car mode so I retained none of it), and then stop at Sonic (I love Sonic) on my way into the office.

See? Rationalization is totally key to everything.

And ye Gods: next weekend there are parades. Woo-hoo!

Which reminds me, I need to take a before shot of the bead chest before the parades start.

So, I am going to make groceries at some point, but I am also going to work on organizing and redoing my kitchen as well, which includes the freezer–which is slammed full of things because I’ve just been shoving things in there willy-nilly and now every time I open the freezer door shit falls out. (You have no idea how badly I want one of those refrigerators that has the freezer drawer at the bottom; my goal for this year is to get one.) I also am going to work on my filing–which includes my computer filing–as well as working on an essay for Sisters in Crime on being a gay mystery writer. I was supposed to turn it in for their next newsletter, but I simply couldn’t figure out a way to write it that didn’t sound like whining (I don’t sell more because my characters are gay! Waaaaaaah!), which I absolutely abhor and hate. But I am also looking at this short essay as possibly working out as the prologue or intro to a non-fiction book, part a critique of societal homophobia and how that works/affects gay writers, that I’ve been wanting to write for a very long time, and have attempted to start, organize, and think about perhaps a thousand times.

But this past week it finally hit me on how, precisely, to write such a thing, and how to do it in a way where it not only didn’t sound like whining, but could actually make people reading it think, why, yes, that does indeed make sense and I can see why this is a problem.

One would hope, any way.

So, that’s where I am today. I certainly am also hoping to get some quality reading time in as well with Lori Rader-Day’s Little Pretty Things.

And I guess I should get started on my day since it is now past noon!

Here’s Taylor Lautner, in honor of his birthday.

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