Bad Romance

I slept in again this morning. It really is amazing how much stress I was under before, and how removing the stress of deadlines has made such an amazing difference in my life thus far. Of course, this is my first weekend at home after cutting out the stress of deadlines–and also, getting the new car has also made me realize how much stress the old car created unconsciously.

It’s really kind of lovely, really.

Parades start this coming Friday–which is really kind of crazy/scary, you know? I do love me some Mardi Gras, but it’s so exhausting, especially the older I get. Paul and I were talking about Krewe du Vieux last night: “It would be fun to go watch if we weren’t old.” Now I don’t especially think we’re all that old, but I am so old that I don’t want to drive down to the Marigny/Quarter and deal with a crowd of people. Living so close to the St. Charles route has spoiled us, more than anything else; it’s so easy to just walk down to the corner. This coming Friday I’ll have to take the streetcar to work and walk home; next week that will continue with Wednesday, Thursday and Friday parades; Lundi Gras I’ll have to walk both ways because people will start camping out on the neutral ground over the weekend and the streetcars can’t get through. The weather has been gorgeous the last few days; if it’s like this during the parades it will be even lovelier.

Note to self: buy prosecco at Costco. And sippy cups.

The reorganization of the kitchen went extremely well; I just have a couple of drawers and cabinets to finish today before I can relax into my easy chair and read. I should also do the windows in the kitchen; they are filthy and it is beautiful outside. Hmmmm.

Well, let me see what I can do with the cabinets before I get carried away.

And on that note, it’s back to the spice mines.

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