Waiting on a Friend

I took the post I wrote about my parents private yesterday afternoon. After I got home from work and thought about it some more, I realized that even though it was a eulogy of sorts, I talked about private family things and the rest of the family might not appreciate the invasion of their privacy, especially not at this time. I did want to write it down, though, and wasn’t terribly sure how to let everyone know. I made an announcement last week that the end was near; did that mean I owed everyone a follow-up? How is the best way to let people know? This is all new to me, after all. So I wrote something in the raw moment shortly after I found out–and thought better of it later. My parents’ story isn’t mine to tell–even if it is part of my own story–but while Mom is gone, Dad is still with us, and I owe him the courtesy and respect to protect his privacy, particularly in a moment of horrifying loss and grief. It will not be my story to tell as long as he is still here.

I did leave work early yesterday–I just didn’t really want to be around people much–because I was in that immediacy moment where I couldn’t control the overwhelming sadness that kept going and coming. I was okay until I had to talk about it, you know? And then that would be a trigger for a moment of uncontrollable sadness, where my breath would catch in my throat and my eyes would fill so I would have to stop whatever I was doing until I could get it together. Grief is a funny thing–I know it’s not completely past, and maybe going into the office today may not be the smartest thing to do, but until I know when everything is going to be, I can’t just burn off my paid time off–which is kind of a fucked position to be in, really. But I also know that my job would work with me, too–my boss is actually very kind, and that was also kind of triggering yesterday while I was there still. I was also overwhelmed a bit by how kind so many people have been–from readers to acquaintances to friends–in the wake of it all.

I was glad that I was able to leave work early yesterday–that’s right, parades start again tonight so I have to leave early today and tomorrow as well–and I also realized last night I’ve kind of been walking around in a daze for quite some time. I wasn’t aware how much Mom’s declining health situation had been weighing on me. I was able to sleep again last night, for one thing–as opposed to the weirdness of the previous two evenings–and so this morning I feel better than I have any morning this week thus far.

And it’s Pay-the-Bills Day. I imagine the mundanity of the task of paying the bills will pull me back into reality more quickly than anything else would or could; the necessary reminder that the world continues to move on. Because it does; the world doesn’t stop because you’re going through something, no matter how painful it is, no matter how leveling it may feel at the time. I still have a lot of things to do–I made a to-do list before hearing from my sister yesterday morning about Mom–and I think keeping busy is a good way to handle my grief and mourning. When I decided to leave work early yesterday, I actually thought oh I can come home and as long as I keep busy–but the best laid plans and all that. I did get started on some things, like laundry and the dishes, but unfortunately I lost the thread of what I was doing and had to sit down for a moment, then Scooter jumped into my lap and that was the end of it. I’m not sorry I didn’t really do much of anything yesterday–I think I may have also been experiencing a little bit of shock, too–because I think I just needed to be by myself for a little while. There are no rules on how to deal with this kind of grief, or how you’re supposed to act or feel, so we all kind of just have to muddle through it and do the best we can. I think tonight when I get home from work–or rather, this afternoon–I will be better equipped to get things done. And I do have a to-do list now.

And losing myself in my work–cleaning, writing. editing–has always been the best way for me to deal with things.

And on that note, I am heading into the spice mines. Have a lovely Wednesday, Constant Reader, and I will check back in with you later.

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