Remove This Doubt

I had insomnia Sunday night, and last night’s sleep didn’t feel much deeper, if I am being completely honest. I somehow never got tired yesterday–I was expecting to hit the wall and crash yesterday afternoon, but it never happened–and so I thought for sure last night I’d sleep really deeply and well. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a bad night’s sleep, I just thought it would be deeper, if that makes any sense at all. Probably not. I am not making much sense these days.

I did work on the book last night, and got two more chapters done–and while i naturally don’t want to jinx anything, things are going smoothly with it and I feel much better about it. It will be pretty decent when it gets turned in, and I am excited to see what improvements and changes my editor will see that need to be made. The cover looks terrific–can’t share it with y’all just yet–and am feeling my character a lot more than I did when i first started working on this thing. Yay? Yay.

It’s raining this morning outside my windows. The rain started late last evening–I thought I heard thunder once, but Paul said it was either fireworks or gunshots–and it’s still going this morning. It’s not as cold this morning as it has been, which is nice, but I don’t trust it; it can turn on me later once the rain stops, after all–and I do have errands to run tonight after I get off work. That won’t be much fun in the rain, so here’s hoping it stops before I get off work this afternoon. It’s also supposed to get colder as the day goes on. Heavy heaving sigh. So a cold, wet and gloomy day here in New Orleans.

But it’s Tuesday and the week is progressing nicely. I have just over a week to get the book finished as well as write another short story–I’ve got two pages on the story done, and I know where it’s going; party of my evening every night as I sit in my easy chair and watch documentaries on Youtube while waiting for Paul to finish his evening work so we can watch something together, I do think about the next day’s writing/revising of the book but I also think about the story. I’ve agreed to write another one that isn’t due until April, I think, and sometimes I get the two mixed up (it doesn’t help that the one due in April was the one I originally called “The Rosary of Broken Promises”, which I have since renamed and am now using that title for the story due next week; sometimes when I start thinking about “Rosary” my brain shifts to the one due in April because that’s still the mental default), which happened on Sunday night; I’d written down all these notes for the story and then realized, wrong story, Greg. But I have made some notes on “Rosary,” so hopefully when the time comes for me to actually focus on finishing it, it won’t be like pulling teeth.

Fingers crossed, at any rate.

And on that note, I am heading into the spice mines to get some work done. Have a lovely and productive day, Constant Reader, and I will talk at you again tomorrow morning.

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