Back in My Arms Again

Tuesday morning and it’s dark and cold outside. I’ve got my coffee keeping my hands warm and the space heater is on. I did try to turn on our new heating system the other day, to no avail. It’s currently thirty-eight degrees outside, which means it’s probably about that inside. I didn’t want to get out of the bed, obviously–warm and comfortable and layers of blankets on top of me–but I have to get back to work today at the office and frankly, it’s a bit weird. I lost track of my days several days ago, and hopefully, going back to the office will put me into a place where I can get a better grasp on the days of the week and the dates of the month and so forth. It’s been very disorienting not knowing what day it is.

And this is an odd week anyway; I have taken Thursday off for a doctor’s appointment, so I am only in the office two days this week as it is; I am not sure if that will help or not. But getting readjusted to the week is going to be a part of my to-do list this week; easier said than done. I am hoping my mind will snap back into place once I get to the office this morning. I do sometimes think the structure the day job forces on me is a good thing in keeping me on track and requiring me to pay closer attention to everything; I have to plan to get everything else done that I have to do structured around seeing clients and being at the office for slightly more than eight hours per day on the days when I go into the office.


One thing that definitely has to be gotten under control this week is my email. My email has been out of control for quite some time–hard to believe as recently as the first of the year that the ole inbox was almost empty. The trouble with email is it’s very similar to tribbles–it just keeps multiplying no matter what; sometimes it’s even worse to actually answer it all rather than just letting it sit there; as emails beget more emails. Emails are like those old phone calls where no one would hang up because no one wanted to be the first to hang up; it’s like no one will ever let the conversation die on an email chain for some reason. And of course, my personal betê noir: the “reply all” person (mine are all set to simply “reply”; I have to manually switch it to “reply all” because i don’t ever want to be the person who becomes the “reply all guy”) who replies to every email on the chain so suddenly you have over fifty emails, and then the person he replies to replies all and on and on and on it goes…

And yes, I am mentioning it because this is what I saw in my inbox this morning when I looked at it….like checking your email first thing in the morning isn’t traumatizing enough without seeing a number well over 100 next to “Inbox” and having to start praying that it’s all spam.

The book got a couple of weeks extension, which of course is the worst thing that can happen to a writer on deadline because you immediately think oh there’s more time and slow down the frantic pace you were working at that would have gotten it done on time–well, a few days late, but the deadline was the Saturday of a holiday weekend and no one would have been in until Tuesday at the earliest anyway so why not ask for an extra few days and voila, two extra weeks were in the offing. This does relieve some of the pressure, but not really; the pressure is still there and there are other things I need to be doing, so instead of having this out of the way I still have to work on it and still have the other things that need doing, so here we are this morning.

It’s in the forties.


And on that note I am heading into the spice mines. Have a lovely Tuesday, Constant Reader, and I will talk to you tomorrow.

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