Silent Night

And just like that, it’s Thursday again. The sand in the 2021 hourglass is running ever more quickly with each passing day, Christmas is nigh, and I think I have everything figured out that I want to get Paul for Christmas. He is very hard to buy for, and he is so much more thoughtful than I am–he always gets me the best gifts–so I am hoping that he will be pleased with what I get him this year.

Yesterday I wasn’t nearly as tired as I usually am on a Wednesday; even stranger, I was more energetic and rested than I’d felt earlier in the week. Bizarre, I know; I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it, either, but chose to run with it rather than wonder about it. It was a pretty good day, really; I kind of got a little stuck on the manuscript, so did what I always do when I get stuck–went back and read/edited the previous chapters–and hopefully that kick-started my creativity again. We’ll see; I am going to give it another try after I finish working today. I do feel a lot better about getting it done on time–not to the point where I am not experiencing a lot of stress, however (stress is my go-to, really)–but a lot better about who my character is and what the story should be and so on and so forth.

I slept well again last night, which was lovely–I really didn’t to get out of bed this morning; my body was so relaxed it had become one with the mattress and covers–and it looks a little gray outside this morning; my coffee tastes marvelous and I feel so relaxed…it’s a nice feeling, really. I am going to miss my work at home Thursdays next month when I go back to four days in the office per week; yes, it’s going to suck and yes, it’s going to suck a lot to have to get up at six a.m. four times per week instead of three, but on the other hand I am probably going to sleep extremely well when Thursday nights roll around again.

I think I have all of my Christmas presents for Paul sorted; nothing terribly exciting, as ever–he is so much better at gift-shopping than I am it’s almost sad (I mean, it’s good for me as the recipient of his thoughtfulness, but at the same time terrible for me because I am such a shitty gift-giver). That’s another thing about Christmas that its commercialization has done–the stress and pressure of buying gifts for people that they will not only appreciate but are thoughtful can often be, for obsessives like myself, extraordinarily stressful, and the failure to get someone something that makes them happy is horrifically disappointing. But that is not the proverbial “reason for the season”, and this year I am focusing on the messages of Donna Andrews’ marvelous Christmas mysteries: happiness and joy and the simple pleasure of giving.

And isn’t that the most important thing?

It should be, at any rate.

I see that the year’s Best of lists are coming out, which means I should probably do something along those lines here–my favorite reads, movies and TV shows of the year–but the problem is a problematic memory with the last two years actually kind of blending together into one, and alas, I don’t always talk about everything I read or watch on here, so I have to rely on memory in so many cases. I read a lot of good books, watched a lot of good movies and television shows, and will, when making a list, inevitably forget some that were worthy of mention. As I look back this morning and try to remember what all I read this past year, I am a bit amused because I often berate myself for not reading more (there literally is nothing I will not berate myself for at some point; I really need to dig into that and figure out why and where that comes from and maybe if I do, I might actually be able to fucking stop twisting myself into pretzels all the time and torturing myself), because I actually read an awful lot in this past year. And I read some amazing books! I’d hate to not mention any one I really enjoyed…but on the other hand, it’s not like my blog is this highly read information source for book information.

And on that note, tis off to the spice mines.

One thought on “Silent Night

  1. I love reading your blog for book recommendations! I am currently reading Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None” as I finished Rachel Howzell Hall’s “They All Fall Down” (and “These Toxic Things”).
    Just finished Budewitz’s “Assault and Pepper” and will definitely continue with the series. Her Food Lovers Village Mystery series looks good too. I listened to Dahl’s “Invisible City” via audio and that was good too.
    Thanks for sharing your reads…… Pam


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