Good morning, Tuesday, and how are you doing and feeling this morning?

I’m not terribly fond of Tuesdays, in all honesty. Tuesdays are the middle of my “have to be at the office way earlier than I’d prefer if I had a choice” three day work week (and seriously, how shitty is it to even feel snarky about having to be in the office three days a week when at this time last year I had to come in five days per week? But in self-defense, back in those days I only had to come in early twice a week), and as we all know, I am not a fan of getting up to an alarm. I always feel like my sleep has been interrupted, and a lot of the time my mind and body kind of go on strike and don’t really want to get up, and despite the cappuccinos it takes me much longer than necessary to become completely functional.

Well, as functional as I get.

I slept really well last night. I got a lot accomplished yesterday (I know right?) and while I didn’t get an entire chapter of the book revised, I made good head way and maybe tonight, after the gym, I’ll be able to get that one and another done, so I am sort of back on schedule? I’m almost a little nervous to confess that I have almost everything seemingly under control; for fear that’s an invitation to the universe to have things blow up in my face again, as they always seem wont to do. But for this morning, I am going to sip my cappuccino and feel good about where things stand in the life of one Gregalicious.

I should have read when I got home from work yesterday as well, but by the time I called it quits on writing for the evening, my brain was tired and couldn’t really focus, so I fell into a wormhole of history videos on Youtube. I always think I know a lot about world history, but I don’t–my education was primarily limited to European history while it was called world history–with China, India, Africa, and the Middle East only really examined in terms of how they affected European history. (This is, by the way, what is meant by “white supremacy education”; that the history of white Europeans is “world” history, while the rest of the world’s two major continents are completely ignored, and really, Europe is just a small peninsula attached to the Asian land mass, yet we call it a “continent”. We also don’t learn much South American history, either; so calling it American history while ignoring all of Spanish and Portuguese speaking America is also inaccurate. It really is quite astonishing once you know to start looking for these things rather than simply taking the education on its face as accurate) I know that these videos might not be factually accurate–it’s the Internet, after all–and when I recognize something as wrong, I generally stop watching, as I am only an amateur historian, and if I know something is factually incorrect, well–there’s no excuse for it.

But I feel good this morning; I woke up before the alarm (which, of course, didn’t stop me from hitting snooze several times; it was cold up there this morning–I have the space heater blowing on me right now), and I am awake and don’t feel physically tired in the least. Tonight is the gym night, after work, so here’s hoping I’ll still have energy and not be tired when I get home from work. If I am, I can always make up for it tomorrow night, can’t I? But I’d rather stick to the schedule, frankly, and I am really getting back into working out. Yes, I hate schlepping there and back and yes, I have to make myself go and yes, while I am there all I can think about is getting it all over with so I can go home and chill out, but I can actually feel the difference already. I am not getting bigger–that isn’t the intent of the program I am doing now–but I can feel my body getting harder and tighter. The working out is improving my posture–I noticed yesterday at work I wasn’t slouching nearly as much as I had been before, because my lats are being worked and they are are holding my shoulders up better than they were before. I stretched during a yawn this morning, and my arms felt more solid than they have in a long time. This is, needless to say, very pleasing in my eyes.

Not to mention, I feel better all over. The stretching and weight lifting makes me feel physically better. And that, my friends, is priceless for me. I just am sorry it took me so long to get back into it again, but at least this time it has really taken.

And on that note, I need to get into the spice mines this morning. Have a lovely Tuesday, Constant Reader.

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