Disco Duck


We’re now caught up on both Archer and Animal Kingdom, and no, I didn’t write anything yesterday. I was putting out minor fires pretty much all day–nothing major, but they all added up together, one right after another, into draining me of energy and creativity and pretty much by the end of the day I was over it.

It didn’t help that this morning my computer also starting being stupid yet again. (Congratulations, Apple, on the shit-show that is the Mojave operating system. We can certainly tell Steve Jobs is dead.) I wish I had a dime for every minute I’ve wasted watching my screen freeze or a program stop responding…

Last night, in my irritated crabby mood, it occurred to me that part of the reason I’ve been thinking about the past so much is because it’s also Pride Month, and I’ve been doing a daily post/tweet on queer crime writers–which also has taken my mind back into the past and remembering things. It’s really astonishing sometimes to sit down and think about how much the world has changed during the course of my lifetime….some for the bad, some for the better.

And sometimes thinking about all that change just makes me feel really, really old.

And not writing makes me crabby, so maybe I should try to do some tonight, even if it is like pulling teeth, even if it all turns out to be so much shit on a stick that it requires a complete do over.

My kitchen is also a terrible mess. It never ends. And the laundry is starting to pile up yet again.

Lather, rinse, repeat. The story of my life.

But Animal Kingdom got me thinking about unsympathetic characters again. The Codys, the family of three brothers, an adopted brother, their nephew, and their creepy, hard-as-nails mother Smurf, are not sympathetic in the least. They’re all criminals, have a tendency to do drugs, get violent, and drink too much–they’re not too smart with their money, which is why Smurf runs the gang; she’s the only one who knows how to launder their money, pay the taxes on it and keep their money on the right side of the law from the IRS. The show is very interesting–one of the brothers is also gay, and part of his story arc is him gradually, slowly emerging from the closet with his macho, tough-guy brothers–and the interrelationships between them all are also fascinating to watch; they love each other but they also hate each other–and Smurf herself is not above pitting them against each other when it suits her own purposes. It’s a terrific role for Barkin, who brings it hard to every scene, and the boys are all hot as fuck and frequently shirtless (sometimes nude) and you never really can be sure where the story is going to go. As I was watching this week’s episode, I couldn’t help but be reminded of a favorite Sidney Sheldon novel, If Tomorrow Comes, which was about Tracy Whitney, a beautiful young woman who is set-up and ruined by gangsters, and then, being super-intelligent, gets even with all of them before launching a career as a master thief. Some of the heists the Codys pull off remind me of the great robberies Tracy managed; and that was one Sheldon I always wanted to see made into a mini-series.

I’d love to write a heist novel someday.

Someday. And now back to the spice mines.,


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