Ladies’ Night

Good morning, Wednesday, how are you doing?

I sort of finished a project (which I can’t discuss) yesterday–at least the first part of it, and am damned happy about that. I also did another 100 pages of proofing of Survivor’s Guilt and Other Stories, and hope to finish that today so I can send those corrections off this week as well. Huzzah! I’ve not been doing a lot of writing, but I’ve been doing a lot of brainstorming and thinking and note-taking, and am very excited about where to take everything that I’ve been working on.

I was so tired last night. I slept really well on Monday night, even waking before my alarm in the morning. And when I did get out of bed (after the obligatory daily ritual of hitting the snooze button twice, even though I was awake) I felt energetic and awake and alive and ready to go. I actually got things done before I left the house yesterday morning. Right? Who am I, and what did I do with Gregalicious? And the day went well, for the most part. It was the second of my two twelve hour days, and I was surprised to make it through the day as well as I was doing…until about seven o’clock, with less than an hour left to go, I hit the wall. I was so tired, so so tired, so tired that I felt it in my hips and knees and ankles. My mind was alert but my entire body felt like it just wanted to melt into a couch. I was tired as I drove home and picked up Paul; too tired to cook when I got home.

All I had the energy for was sitting in my easy chair and proofing. And at that, sometimes I had to reread to make sure I’d checked it and my mind hadn’t wandered off, as it is wont to do when I am tired.

I was too tired to read.

So, I went to bed early and slept the sleep of the righteous. I am awake this morning and feel terrific, despite the fact that it’s thirty degrees outside and only slightly warmer than that here in my kitchen, but I turned on the heat and the awesome space heater I got at Costco last winter, and feel pretty good here in my little office nook. Huzzah! And today, I hope to get a lot of things taken care of–I should finish the page proofs today; maybe even get back to work on writing (I’ve been horribly lazy about that lately); positively shameful, to be honest.

So, this morning before I run my errands and head to the office, my goal is to clean out the email inbox, get the kitchen straightened up some, and possibly get the proofing done. I somehow managed to start some laundry last night so I need to finish that up this morning as well. I do feel terrific, and like I can conquer the world today; we’ll see how long that lasts, though.

Probably until about three o’clock this afternoon, if history teaches us anything.

And now, back to the spice mines.


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