All I Need is A Miracle

Friday, and is it ever miserably hot in the city today. Of course, it’s July, so it’s to be expected, but nevertheless it is such an awful bitch slap whenever you go outside. I keep forgetting to put extra socks in my backpack, which is completely and totally necessary. Tomorrow I have an insane amount of errands to run, as well as trying to squeeze in a gym visit, but then I’ll spend the rest of the weekend cooped up inside the apartment, cleaning and writing and trying to get organized–which is the endless battle, of course. I did thoroughly clean the kitchen the other night–I had some extra time and I was seriously dreading getting to the weekend with a week’s worth of mess piled up in there. So, I am a little bit ahead, but not much.

But any bit ahead is a good thing.

I’ve also fallen behind on my writing this week; no big surprise there. Being tired all day Tuesday didn’t get my week off to a particularly good start, and it’s kind of never recovered from there. I do have a short story that I need to get finished this weekend, so that is going to be my primary focus, and then I am going to get back to work on revising Scotty and fixing the WIP. In other news, water is wet.

I also have to revise a column I wrote, which I will try to get done after work tonight.


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