Me and Bobby McGee

Busted flat in Baton Rouge, waiting for a train…

Actually, I am in Albuquerque for Left Coast Crime. I have never been to either Albuquerque or Left Coast Crime before. As for the former, it’s very very dry and the air is a lot thinner here than it is in New Orleans. The trip wasn’t bad; the flight from Austin (where I changed planes) was delayed an hour and there was horrific turbulence on both the take-off there and the landing here that had me closing my eyes and making my peace with the Universe, but other than that it was relatively unremarkable. Lots of people everywhere, but neither flight was full and I had a bit of crowd anxiety at every airport I was in, but it was all okay. I managed to finish reading Mia Manansala’s marvelous Arsenic and Adobo and got halfway through Wanda M. Morris’ All Her Little Secrets (which is also marvelous) and once I got to the hotel I started running into friends I’ve not seen in years–which was again quite marvelous. I went to dinner with a friend (I hadn’t eaten all day, and then had a glass of wine–which, given the lack of food in my stomach, and the altitude, and being tired, wasn’t probably the brightest move to make), and then ran into even more friends when I made it back to the hotel. The hotel bar closes at nine (much to the disgruntlement of many a mystery writer), but it was probably for the best that I not imbibe any more alcohol. I haven’t really drank anything alcoholic since the pandemic shutdown–if I have, it’s been so few and far between that any tolerance I might have for it is long since gone–and so having a typical mystery convention weekend’s worth of drinking this weekend is probably not the brightest thing to do. Perhaps I am finally growing up?

As if.

I didn’t sleep well last night–first night in a hotel, not my own bed, yadda yadda yadda–despite my complete exhaustion last night when I turned out the light and got under the covers; I was too tired to read, even for a little to shut my mind down a bit. Part of it was overload, I think; I am not used to being around groups of people, plus seeing friends and acquaintances I’ve not seen in nearly four years–as well as meeting new people–caused a bit of overload of my circuits last night, which shoved me headfirst into punchy mode. I probably should have come to my room immediately after dinner last night–but I ran into people in the lobby, which is what always happens at these things, and yes, I probably shouldn’t have gone into the lobby at all and headed straight for the elevators. Lesson learned, although I’ll probably do the same damned thing tonight.

I never learn.

SIgh. And now to head out to the conference,

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