In the Night

And here it is, Saturday morning. After some more coffee, I am going to go to the gym and get in my workout (masked, of course) and then I will return home to get cleaned up, buckle down, and get to some serious work. I have high hopes for this weekend, quite frankly; we’ll see how that ends up turning out, of course, but for now? I am feeling relatively confident that I’ll be able to get everything handled that I need to get handled.

The Lost Apartment is still a sty, of course, but that can wait another week, methinks.

I broke out my espresso machine for the first time in a long time because I’ve been feeling the need for a cappuccino the last few days; I actually even wrote a scene in the Secret Project where my character gets one the other day, and like Pavlov’s dog I’ve been wanting one ever since. So, when I stopped to make groceries on my way home last night–I decided to do that and get it out of the way, and picked up my prescription as well–so that I could pretty much lay low and stay inside the Lost Apartment most of the weekend, getting stuff done and relaxing and all that jazz. Once I post this I intend to close my Internet browser (well, after answering some emails) and I intend to stay off social media for the majority of the weekend. I have far too much work to do this weekend and I don’t need the easy distraction of the Internet fucking with me, you know? (And let me tell you–this cappuccino is delicious, wonderful, marvelous; everything I needed it to be this morning)

We watched two more episodes of The Movies last night, taking us through the 1970’s and the 1980’s; and you know, the 1970’s (the decade of my puberty and teens) produced some amazing pictures. It was the decade that saw the bloat of the big budget expensive musical gone and the transition into the smaller, more realistic, intimate movie…but it was also the decade that, with Jaws and Star Wars, that launched the tradition of the big summer blockbuster movie; and as we watched I thought to myself, I haven’t seen this and oh I’d like to see this again and I definitely should rewatch this as an adult–and thanks to HBO MAX and all of my other streaming services, I should be able to watch or rewatch most of them. I definitely want to rewatch Body Heat this weekend; and the Disney adaptation of Mary Stewart’s The Moon-Spinners has finally gone live on Disney Plus. I’ve been wanting to rewatch that ever since I reread the book recently; I started it last night, just the first few minutes, and…yeah, I can already see why I preferred the book. (I saw the film years before I read the book.) For one thing, the main character isn’t traveling alone as she was in the book; her aunt, whom shows up later in the book, is with her when she arrives in the small village in Crete where everything happens, and of course, they turned her from a young independent woman in her early twenties to a teenager, so it could be a vehicle for Disney’s biggest female star of the time, Hayley Mills. The opening sequence on the crowded Cretan bus is a classic example of how not to open a movie–and of course, there are pigs and chickens on the bus along with people…a traditional first-world movie way to depict how backward another country is (this same trick was used much better in Romancing the Stone, but it’s still kind of offensive, even if it is realistic).

Paul’s going to spend the evening visiting some friends of his, so with luck, I can watch both Body Heat and The Moon-spinners tonight.

I also am going to go to the gym at some point today as well. I was originally thinking I’d drink a cappuccino or two, have my breakfast, finish the laundry and maybe do some work around the kitchen before heading to the gym and then coming back home to get the work done I need to get done to day–but now I’m thinking it makes more sense to get everything done and then get to the gym before they close at six this evening. Why risk the distraction of the workout and being too worn out from it to do my work? And no, this isn’t simply my way of rationalizing my way out of going to the gym today–although it could be my evil, lazy subconscious, trying to get me out of it. I will admit my workouts of this past week have not been good ones; but a bad workout is always better than no workout.

And on that note, boring as it may seem, I am going to go head into the spice mines. I’m going to make another cappuccino–I bought espresso beans at the grocery store last night, to give you an indication of how far in advance I’ve been fantasizing about this morning’s cappuccinos–and I’m going to put the dishes away, and then I’m going to get to work.

Have a lovely Saturday, Constant Reader.

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