I Think We’re Alone Now

Tuesday, Tuesday. If we can’t trust Monday, what about Tuesday? What makes Tuesday more trustworthy than Monday?

These are the questions that keep me up at night.

Well, no, not really. I actually slept fairly well these last two nights, and while I never spring from bed fully awake and ready to go in the morning, these last two mornings are about as close as I ever get to that. Would I prefer to be in bed for another hour or two? Absolutely. But I am up, out of bed, sipping some hot coffee, and getting prepared for another long day–I can sleep later tomorrow, and I am already looking forward to it. These first two days of the week, long and beginning early in the morning, are simply the worst for me. But I shall muddle through, as is my wont, and get a move on.

As September winds down, and the list of things I intended to get done this month seems to never get anything crossed off of it, I am trying to not allow panic take over. Panic is the mindkiller, to paraphrase Dune, and allowing anxiety to take hold in my head will only ever manage to make things worse–plus the added bonus of stress on top of the pressure. No thank you, very much. The last thing I need these days is more anxiety.

I need to definitely get this short story finished–no LSU game this weekend helps–and I need to get some research done for the project that kicks back into gear the first week of September. I also want to finish reading Lisa Lutz’ The Swallows–it’s really absolutely phenomenal, y’all, and so well written! It’s set, as I said the other day, in a second-tier boarding school, with several point of view characters, all in the first person; the primary main character is Alexandra Witt, a troubled teacher who left her previous job under some sort of cloud, and got the job at this new school primarily because the school president (or whatever his title is–it’s foggy up there in the Gregalicious brain this morning) is s friend of her father’s, who is an enormously successful crime writer. I really like Witt, as she is called by almost everyone in the book (although she prefers Alex); she’s layered and three dimensional and absolutely real; definitely one of the most interesting female characters I’ve come across thus far this year, which is saying something. (It really has been an exceptional year for books; I’ve read so many amazing ones, and there are so many more amazing ones I’ve yet to get to…)

The sun is now coming up and I can see light through the trees next door, beyond my windows. I hate being up before the sun comes up–always have.

We caught up with this week’s episode of The Righteous Gemstones, which we are truly enjoying, but–as always, now in this era of binge-watching, where shows are also designed specifically to be binged–watching only one episode of something kind of leaves you wanting more, and not enjoying it as much as you might have before? We do want to watch the Netflix series Unbelievable, and get started on HBO’s Succession, and I want to finish watching Murder on the Bayou on Showtime–and of course, the second season of Titans dropped on DC Universe. I enjoyed the first season, which I watched without Paul–he kind of went through a superhero burnout, after years of Arrow and Flash, so I watched it alone, and as I said, enjoyed it–the Titans were always one of my favorite comics when I was a kid–but I also don’t really remember much of it, which means I need to rewatch it anyway, in order to get caught up with it.

Ugh, I have so much to do! No stress, no stress, no anxiety.

All right, I’m going to head back into the spice mines. Have a lovely Tuesday, Constant Reader.


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