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Sunday and a cold morning in the Lost Apartment. I slept late, as one always does after the annual Christmas party I attended last night, and am trying to feel my way through the day. I got little to nothing done as far as cleaning is concerned yesterday; more’s the pity. However, I did get a lot of work done organizing electronic files and rebuilding my back-up hard drive and my new flash drive, which has to count for something. The work continues today–I will eventually start cleaning–and I may get some writing done later on, but I am not counting on it. At some point I’ll clean my desk and perhaps then…perhaps then I will get some editing and/or writing done.

We’ll see how it goes. I also have some project organizing to do; and some other things that need to get finished so I am ready to face this next week of work ready and a-rarin’ to go. Lists are ever so helpful.

One thing that appears to be lost is my short story submissions spreadsheet–which means I no longer know what stories have been submitted where (so as not to try them again with the same story). It’s possible it’s here archived somewhere–seriously, doing this time-consuming task has taught me that 1) I am a hoarder when it comes to back-ups and electronic files and 2) I really need to stay more on top of keeping the electronic files organized. This would not be near the time-consuming nightmare that it is had I not been lazy and just taken a minute or two here and there to stay organized, rather than just tossing everything into a new folder and saying I’ll organize this shit later.

Well, it’s later and I am not really enjoying this too much, quite frankly.

It is kind of amazing, though, the things I kept to deal with later. Years of writer’s organization emails from every organization I’ve ever belong to; a vast archive of my time on the MWA board (including boarding passes for flights from years ago) to may many duplicate file copies for manuscripts and short stories and essays and…let’s just say I finally got a fairly good look at just how much I have actually written over the years since I started using computers–and it’s probably not all of it; I am relatively certain years of work are missing. None of the newspaper and magazine writing I did in the 1990’s is anywhere; long gone, would be my guess. (I do have actual clippings of those pieces in a box somewhere; see what I mean about pushing shit off because I don’t feel like dealing with it? It’s a most serious problem.)

Although there is something to be said for hoarding; I just found my short stories submissions spreadsheet.

And back into the files I go. Have a lovely Sunday, everyone!


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