Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

So, in addition to losing my jump drive over the course of the weekend–it wasn’t at the office–I came home last night after a twelve hour day and plugged my phone, as is my wont, into the computer to charge and to download any pictures that might in it. My computer didn’t recognize my phone; there was some kind of error, and after several attempts I finally had to take the phone back to factory settings and recover from the last back-up. When that recovery was finally done–the last back-up had been a week or so ago, so I lost text messages I’d received since–I then noticed there was something strange going on with my back-up hard drive; it no longer appeared on the screen on the desktop. Curious, I unplugged it and then plugged it back in. Nothing, other than a computer doesn’t recognize disk message. Terrific, I thought, and tried some other things to see if it would work again. Nothing. So, I got out my spare back-up hard drive and plugged it in. It worked. This morning, this one didn’t appear on screen. I restarted the computer and now it’s there.

Fucking Mercury retrograde. Seriously.

There’s no telling what all I’ve lost; my primary consolation in this latest kick-in-the-teeth from 2018 as it heads out the door this year is that at least I’ve not done anything new in the last month or so to have lost. There are some pictures on the back-up hard drive that might be gone forever, and maybe some files, but this is really a rather bittersweet reminder that I need to back everything up much more regularly than I do, and I need to do it to the cloud. The loss of the flash drive actually made me think yesterday I really need to back up the back-up hard drive to the cloud when I get home–which was something I had planned to start before going to bed so it would be finished by the time I got up this morning. I am going to eventually have to take it to the Apple store, I suppose, to see if they can recover any of the data.

How many times do I have to have this happen before I start backing shit up more regularly?

I am assuming that the problem isn’t systemic with my computer; the secondary back-up hard drive was an Apple product, and it works; the dead one was not from Apple but was an off-brand that supposedly works with Apple. My guess is, since it was at least eight years old, that it no longer plays nice with Apple’s constant upgrades and that’s why it no longer works. I am going to try and see if it will work on Paul’s computer (he never upgrades anything; he is probably still working on the iOS that came with his computer) and recover the files to the Cloud that way; which almost seems too good to be true. But that doesn’t solve the mystery of why the computer wouldn’t recognize my phone last night; I am hoping it caught something from the back-up hard drive not working, or it had something to do with that.

Here’s hoping.

And here’s hoping that the writing will go easier.

And on that note, it’s back to the spice mines with me.


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