Set Adrift on Memory Bliss

Ideas, swirling around in my fevered brain.

LSU handily defeated Ole Miss last night in Tiger Stadium, 45-16, and it could have been much, much worse; twice the Tigers fumbled on potential scoring drives inside the Ole Miss ten yard line; they also missed a long field goal. One of those fumbles turned into touchdown scoring drive for Ole Miss….so the final score could have been 62-9. But it wasn’t, and whether Ole Miss is a terrible team or not, one thing was for sure: I had a feeling this was the game when our quarterback was going to step up and show us what he could do, and he fucking did. The tough part of the schedule–Florida, Georgia, Mississippi State, and Alabama–is now looming large; but I think we will still wind up doing far better than pre-season predictions had us doing, and look out for the Tigers next year.

I spent most of yesterday relaxing and cleaning while college football games played on the television; I should have spent some time reading Circe (will make up for that error today), and brainstorming ideas for future works. I keep getting short story ideas, which is precisely not what I need right now, and ideas for new books to write, which I also don’t need right now. But this is all part and parcel of kicking my creativity into gear again with this Scotty revision; I am glad I decided to write it off contract as well as letting it sit for a while rather than the way I’ve been doing things, which is write write write edit edit edit revise revise revise miss deadline finish okay. I’m glad I had the time to let the book sit and simmer before getting back to work on it again; I am of course terribly behind, but I am confident that by the time Halloween rolls around this version will be finished, and then it just will need a firm copy edit to get it ready for publication and getting turned in.

And then i can focus on writing Bury Me in Satin. I also want to get back to work on the WIP; I think a y/a novel about rape culture in a small Midwestern town with an enormously successful high school football team is still timely, even if I had the idea originally many years ago after the Steubenville case. I have an idea for another book, along the same lines, swirling around in my head, about sexual abuse of minors as well…but that one’s going to be a while in the future. I also want to write my noir, Muscles.

There is literally so little time. I wish I was a) more motivated to work and b) had more time to work. But that situation isn’t going to change any time soon, so I need to get over it and make better use of the time I have. I don’t regret taking yesterday as a day to myself, to relax and do mindless things and watch football and clean and let ideas form in my head. My biggest fear, of course, is that I will never have the time to write everything that I want to write, and that is a very real fear for me.

It would help enormously if I stopped getting new ideas, of course.

But that ain’t going to happen.

And now, speaking of better utilizing my time, it’s time to get back to the spice mines.


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