Jump Around

St. Petersburg, Bouchercon, the second full day of my stay here. My first panel is in two hours; the Sex Panel, titled a “nooner.” I have a Keurig in my room, and part of yesterday’s adventures included a trip to Target in Tampa (it’s a really long story) so I was able to get the kind of Keurig coffee pods I like as well as some of my creamer, and so I am having a great time in my room this morning. I have trouble falling asleep in hotel rooms, and this morning I fell asleep finally around three-ish, but since I didn’t have to be up early I slept late and then lounged in bed swilling coffee and continuing to read The Gates of Evangeline, which is wonderful.

Yesterday was my first full day here, and I had a marvelous time running into friends and laughing at many points until my sides ached and tears flowed from my eyes. The Coat of Many Colors event was remarkably well-attended for something at the ungodly hour of nine a.m., and the anthology signing was a delight. It was so lovely meeting some contributors for the first time, and seeing others again. I am very proud of Florida Happens, and I certainly hope all of you will get a copy and read the truly fine stories in it.

This afternoon (and really, today) is going to be insane. I have three panels and I am running for a seat on the Bouchercon board, after which I am going to some publishers parties so I am going to be on the go-go-go all day.

There will be a full report with pictures when I get home.

And now back to the spice mines.


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