I Want a New Drug

I despise nothing more than being ill.

Today is the best I’ve felt since Saturday, but i am so tired. Just exhausted. I actually got up this morning, came downstairs and sat in my easy chair–and fell asleep again. I also have that weird medicine-y hollowish head feeling, and I’ve been coughing so hard my throat and lungs actually hurt. I’ve also been unable to focus; which completely sucks. This is all sinus-related, as we’ve been having damp, cooler humid weather, complicated by also having a cold. Right now I trying to drink down a cup of coffee, but it’s making me sweat….and it’s the first and only cup I’ve had this morning. I’m also very dehydrated. This is my last day of work this week, and I’m hoping that tomorrow I’ll wake up feeling normal and healthy again.

One can dream. I have a four day weekend and I don’t have to be back at the office until three on Tuesday; so I really have four and a half days off. Being sick, of course, means that the house is a total disaster area. I need to get some cough drops and Kleenex before I go to work today, but I feel singularly unmotivated. I still feel, not sick so much as funky and tired. I hope this is just my body shaking itself off and healing itself, but one can never be sure. I hate this; I have far too much to do to continue being sick.

I started reading Joan Didion’s A Book of Common Prayer last night–got maybe a page or two into it before falling asleep–and was again struck by her extraordinary skill.

And on that note, I think I’m going to try getting some of this mess cleaned up before I go into the office.


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