I am all packed and ready for Bouchercon. I have to do some cleaning around here this morning–we don’t have to leave for the airport until around noon–and tonight I will be in Toronto. Huzzah! Obviously, I am very excited. Our flight lands around six fifty; then we’re taking a train to Union Station and then walking the less-than-a-mile to the hotel. Thank God our suitcases roll…the one we are checking feels like it weighs a hundred pounds. I already paid the checked bag fee last night on-line; hopefully we won’t have to pay an excess bag fee. Ah, well, so what if we do? I’ve got a carry on and my backpack; Paul is carrying on his back pack. It’s not a very long flight, either; only two and a half hours. ANd tonight I am meeting friends in the bar for drinks, and the madness begins.

I’ve been sleeping well the last few nights, so of course, tonight I’ll be in a hotel and probably won’t sleep at all. But that’s all right; Bouchercon is always exhausting. I probably won’t get to post much while I am gone…too busy seeing people and laughing and having a good time to sit down and blog. We are taking the MacBook Air, and I’ll have the iPad, so you never know; stranger things have happened.

I’m about halfway through Burnt Offerings and am really enjoying it; I know it’s a ‘haunted house’ book although nothing terribly strange has happened yet, but the house is definitely have an affect on the Rolfe family, who have rented it for the summer…and it’s very well done. The sense of creepy foreboding is done extremely well. I’ll undoubtedly finish it on the plane and have to start reading another book–I am only taking two other books with me on the trip; resisting the urge to grab another, frankly, but truth be told, I’ll probably get a shit ton of books AT Bouchercon, and I have a gazillion ebooks and comic books on the iPad. My guess is I’ll finish reading Burnt Offerings at the airport, and start reading another on the flight. My second choice book for the week is also short–The Vines by Christopher Rice, which was a Stoke Award finalist a few years ago–so it’s entirely possible I could have it finished today as well. The other book I am taking is Victor Lavalle’s The Changeling; I am doing an excellent job of sticking to only reading horror this month.

Last night I watched NCIS: New Orleans for the first time, and….well, the city looks terrific. I’ve watched the original NCIS, usually in marathons on the weekend while reading or cleaning, and I’ve always kind of liked it; it’s not something I go out of my way to watch, but I’ve never minded watching when it’s on. The New Orleans edition…has some really atrocious Southern accents, for one thing. But the city looks terrific, and at least they don’t make really bad local references in an attempt to be colorful (no one ate gumbo, for example, or mentioned jambalaya). The plot of the episode I watched was interesting, and apparently the show has a lesbian character, which is kind of cool. But…I probably wouldn’t watch it again unless I want to see New Orleans. It is nice seeing New Orleans on television, and shot beautifully.

I am also kind of interested, now that I have Jackson Square Jazz in an electronic version (I did print it out as well), to read both it and Bourbon Street Blues again, with an eye to seeing how Scotty and his family first came together. I am very aware that Scotty’s best friend David has disappeared from the series; I never mentioned anything about him again after the third book and the resurrection of the series post-Katrina. One of the things I should probably do is prepare a concordance of the series; this is the eighth one I am writing, and I am sure I’ve changed things over the years. (I did notice, for example, that Scotty talks about the apartment on the floor above him in Jackson Square Jazz as being a three bedroom; I don’t think it remained a three-bedroom post-Katrina. I may have even changed that in Mardi Gras Mambo. And since there’s an important subplot in this book about the house itself…yes, I need to make sure there is consistency. Or is this an excuse to not work on the new book? I am taking the manuscript with me, and I hope to read it again this weekend, so I can get a handle on everything that’s going on in the book and figure out how to move it forward again.)

Also of interest: I’ve already gotten a rejection from an agent, and it didn’t phase me at all. I don’t know if this is a sign of growth and maturity, but it neither depressed me nor upset me in the least. My only reaction was okay then! Thanks for replying so quickly! and I crossed her off the list.

Maybe I’m getting better at this whole thing.

Maybe I’m not. I don’t know. I’ve also reevaluated the whole thing with the manuscript, as well. If no agent shows any interest in it, I’ll figure out something to do with it, and then start working on another one to try to get an agent with.

This is really way too healthy for me. Maybe it’s the Bouchercon euphoria.

We’ll see.

And so, as I head off to Canada for a lovely long weekend of love and laughter, here’s a hunk to hold you if I don’t post until I get home:


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