Suspicious Minds

I had insomnia both Sunday and Monday night, and the sleep assistance I usually rely on did not work. So both days I was tired, sleepy, crabby and miserable, unable to focus on anything. I was trying to finish a short story for a submission call with a deadline of yesterday; Monday as I worked I realized the story, as it stood, simply didn’t work and needed a complete overhaul. Ordinarily, two days to overhaul a story where the basic framework was already in place wouldn’t be a problem for me (whether it would have been accepted, of course, is a whole other ball of wax), but tired and unable to think clearly? No, that made it completely impossible. I’ve also been kind of stuck on the Scotty book–but last night, as I kept dozing off in my easy chair, it came to me how to get past the place where I am stuck with the Scotty book; as I suspected, I simply hadn’t gotten back into his voice. So, I am hoping to make some progress on it this week as well as rewriting the story–that way the story will be ready the next time something it might be appropriate for rolls around.


There really is something horrible about the inability to sleep. I can’t afford to have sleepless nights, as I am always juggling so many things that I really can’t have a day where I get nothing done. And while I didn’t sleep through the whole night–I woke up around five, and then slept on and off until it was time to get up for Wacky Russian–those six or so hours of deep, restful sleep have certainly made an enormous difference today.

I may even start pulling my taxes together. #madness

I’ve also been too tired to read, so I am also hoping I can get back to The Underground Railroad this week and get it finished. I think I am going to read Ben Winters’ Underground Airlines next; I thought it would be interesting to read the two books back to back for a compare/contrast kind of thing.

My goal is to write/revise a short story every week while working on the Scotty book. We’ll see how that goes, but hey, best intentions and all that. I am also going to start revising a secret project as well; getting back to it is long overdue, and I am kind of excited.

Again, it’s amazing what a good night’s sleep will do for someone.

So, here’s a hunk for you to get you through Hump Day.



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