The Edge of Glory

Well, in very short order after my post yesterday, the subject not only lost his book contract but his job, so that’s something.

It rained all night last night, which meant I had trouble getting out of bed this morning, and of course I have to work late. The weather today, after the night’s rain, is absolutely stunning; that kind of spring day (yes, I know it’s February) that makes you feel lazy, the day you shouldn’t spend in the office but lying in a hammock with a good book and a bottle of wine. But that’s fine; I have a shorter work day tomorrow and am off Thursday and the parades start rolling again tomorrow night; I know Nyx is tomorrow but I can’t remember the one before it; Druids? Yes, it is Druids. Cool. I should be home before Nyx gets to my neighborhood. It’s always fun to walk homedown the parade route, and I will most definitely get my Fitbit steps in. Woo-hoo! And my favorite pizza place–That’s Amore out in Metairie–just opened a new place on St. Charles a few blocks from my house. Woo-hoo! I think I might have to go over there and get us a pizza on Thursday.

Yeah, the diet’s going well, thanks for asking.

I’m enjoying the not-writing time very much, I might add. I am starting to worry that I may not go back to writing at all.

Ha, like that would happen. I still have lots of ideas, and get more every day.

All right, that’s enough for today.

Here’s a hunk for you.

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