Kung Fu Fighting

Ugh. Tonight is the LSU-Alabama game, which means I will be incredibly tense all day. Sometimes I do wonder why I watch college football, as it really doesn’t seem like I enjoy it all that much…or maybe I enjoy the tension? Anyway, obviously, I am all in for the Tigers tonight, and win or lose, I will still be a Tiger fan. GEAUX TIGERS!

I also finished reading Mary Leader’s Triad last night, and started rereading Barbara Michaels’ Witch; I will probably discuss the Leader novel tomorrow.

We also watched, around our other shows this week, the latest James Franco film, King Cobra.


The film is based on a true crime title (which has been in my TBR pile forever) called Cobra Killer: Gay Porn Murder and the Manhunt to Bring the Killers to Justice by Andrew E. Stoner and Peter A. Conway, about the true life murder of gay porn producer/director Bryan Kocis. I remember when it all happened; I also remember thinking this would make a great noir novel.

I have any number of ideas for noir novels set in the world of gay porn.

The crux of the case had to do with Kocis’ exclusive contract with a young porn star who performed under the name Brent Corrigan; the killers–Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes–were porn producers/stars who were deeply in debt and saw Corrigan’s popularity as a way to get out of the debt, by having him star in one of their films. Kocis was the fly in the ointment with his exclusive contract and his trademarking of the name “Brent Corrigan”; so they killed him. Grisly and dark; it has all the makings of a great noir, and I may still write it, you never know–as I said, I have any number of ideas for noir novels set in the world of gay porn.

It is an industry that sadly lends itself to noir.

The film, starring James Franco, Christian Slater, Garrett Clayton, and Keegan Allen in the leads, with Alicia Silverstone and Molly Ringwald in supporting roles…is well done but not well written, if that makes any sense. The way it is filmed and edited and written tells the story from the moment young Sean Lockhart meets Bryan Kocis, ostensibly to intern in a film production company, only to find himself being turned into Brent Corrigan, gay porn star. The way the role is written you can’t really tell if Sean went to meet with Kocis knowing what he was doing; did he want to do porn for the money, or was he really interested in film making? He also kind of comes across as not particularly smart.

Clayton, however, is certainly pretty enough to be a twink porn star, if you’re into twink porn stars.

Garrett Clayton, late of the Disney Channel:


The actual Brent Corrigan:


The movie was, you know, just okay. I didn’t really come away from it feeling anything, or with any further insight to what happened or why; it was just kind of matter of fact. The strongest performance in the film, I felt, was from Keegan Allen, whom I used to watch on Pretty Little Liars; he managed to make killer (oops, spoiler, sorry!) Harlow Cuadra sympathetic; kind of a child/man who was both intellectually and emotionally stunted, whereas Franco’s portrayal of Kerekes left me wondering ‘was it the drugs, or was he actually a sociopath?” But Keegan Allen was terrific.


The movie was entertaining enough; it held my interest, but as I said, it was matter-of-fact to the point it seemed almost like a documentary; this happened and then this happened and then this happened and then they were arrested.

Corrigan is not pleased with the movie, I suppose I should add, and plans to write his own book about what happened.

And that, really, is the key to all of this, and why I think the movie doesn’t succeed ultimately. I don’t know who Brent Corrigan is, or any of these people, any more than I did before I watched the movie.

One thing they did get right–almost so right it made me laugh–was how bad the acting in porn films are. They would show the start of the scenes, when the actors have to “act”–and they really got the amateurish line-readings down pat.

I do want to read the book now, though, because the story is, in and of itself, fascinating to me.

And now back to the spice mines.

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