Afternoon Delight

For the first time in maybe a month, I actually had an appointment with Wacky Russian this morning, and you know what? I feel great.I’ve clearly missed the exercise; and I actually feel like I should be going in every morning and doing a bit of stretching and cardio.

Right? Who am I, and what have I done with Gregalicious?

But the rush of endorphins! What a glorious feeling! I actually feel like the lethargy that has engulfed me since prior to Bouchercon has been lifted; the cobwebs in my mind cleared away, and energy, energy, energy. On my walk home from the gym, I actually solved the problem I am having with this stubborn short story I’ve been struggling with for weeks (short stories are ever so much harder for me than novels, really, and yes, I know that means I am completely insane).

And–since we are on a ‘Greg is insane’ run this morning–the problem is I don’t like the title; it doesn’t really fit, and so I have to come up with a better title.

There is great power in names, and I find that I cannot work on anything unless it has a title that I think fits the story; that title might change over the course of writing and rewriting when something better comes to mind, but if it’s not titled, I just can’t write it. I know that doesn’t make any sense, but that also is true about characters. I can’t write about a character unless I know their name.

And this story’s title, while lofty, pretentious and borderline literary (“The Handmaidens of Olympus”) really doesn’t fit the story to me. I’ve played with the title, trying to make that oh-so-pretentious title work in some variation, to no avail. And on the walk home from the gym, I realized that it doesn’t work, it isn’t going to work, and no amount of thinking about it is going to make it work. So, out it goes, and I have to come up with something new.

So, the goal for today is to come up with a new, working title–I have some ideas already–and I suspect the story is going to flow a lot easier for me now.

Weird. I know.


Here’s today’s hunk.


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