This Used To Be The Future

Today’s title is actually true, and rather depressing if you spend too much time thinking about it. This is not what I had hoped or dreamed the future would be, at least not for me or for the world. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, but it seems that things just get worse as I get older, year to year. Oh, sure, we have made progress as a society–dragging those opposed to progress along kicking and screaming like petulant children every fucking step of the way–but I had certainly hoped that a lot of this bullshit would be over and done with. I’m tired, frankly, and can’t imagine how tired everyone else must be as well–and I’ve had it relatively easy compared to many.

I was up this morning at a ridiculous hour to get my blood work done–it required fasting, so I thought I might as well get up early and get it over with so I could move on to having coffee, (which is feeling quite wonderful right about now) and now I am home. I got a shingles vaccine as well and picked up my prescriptions–I told you, that nurse practitioner is on top pf everything–and at some point this morning I have to call the mammogram place back to get that appointment set up. I do feel better about getting all of this stuff under control and handled, frankly; I know it’s a low bar, but I’ve disregarded my health so much throughout the course of my life and so regularly that it’s actually nice to be handling it.

Now, to drum up the nerve to go back to the dentist.

We had a magnificent thunderstorm last night; the kind where the rain just pours down like someone turned on a massive firehose and pointed it down at the city; where the thunderclaps last for as long as twenty seconds and are so close it seems like something exploded nearby. I do love those storms, frankly; they are quite marvelous and I love the feeling of listening to a storm raging while I am safe and warm and snug inside the house. I’ve always loved storms, ever since I was a child, and as I’ve gotten older I’ve come to love them all the more.

This week seemed to speed past; it’s hard to believe it’s already Thursday. This is an enormously pleasing change–just a few weeks ago I woke up on Wednesday, realized it was only Wednesday, and wanted to crawl into a hole and hide somewhere. We’re still watching Dark–we’re now onto the third season, and it’s amazing how they continue to not only keep the show going, but adding more timelines and things that are a bit confusing at first, but once you have it figured out you marvel at how actually seamless it was.

And on that note, i need to get back to the spice mines. Have a lovely Thursday, Constant Reader!

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