Why Me

Tuesday morning after last evening’s heavy thunderstorms, and the windows are, as ever, covered in condensation this morning–so much so that I’m not entirely certain what the weather is like at the moment. It looks like the sun might be out, but it’s also not particularly bright outside, which is, frankly, unusual.

I’d look at the weather forecast but it’s always the same: hot, humid, chance of rain. It’s pretty much stay like that until mid-September.

And of course, now the sky has darkened and thunder is rolling. Hurray. I love going to work when it’s pouring rain outside.

Rainy days, of course, are the days when I wish I could simply stay home and read in bed. I never really seem to get that chance anymore, but with a three-day weekend looming on my horizon, I am hopeful that at least one day can be set aside almost entirely for reading in my easy chair while covered in a blanket–a thunderstorm, however, might be too much to hope for in that situation.

But…on the other hand, three days off this weekend.

Can I get a huzzah from the peanut gallery?

Thanks, peanut gallery!

We’ve been watching Big Little Lies’ second season, and I have to say I am very impressed with it. I wasn’t sure what to expect from a second season; it was one of those things where I thought, why are you trying to cash in on what was quite a good mini-series by turning it into a regular series, and was fairly certain that the next season wouldn’t be nearly as good as the first. The book, after all, came to an end where the first season did, and going off-book with no more source material is always an iffy proposition (see, ABC’s attempt to do the same with Rich Man Poor Man back in the 1970’s). But…the writing/producing team is quite brilliant actually; the death of wretched wife-beater Perry, while ending the first season neatly, merely opens the door for a whole new slew of problems; the women all lied to the police about how Perry actually did die, and those lies are reverberating and having aftershocks among the women and their families. The book and the first season ended so neatly that I didn’t see how the story could continue–but  the addition of Meryl Streep as Perry’s mother was genius, and the fallout from the revelations of the final episode are playing out now–after all, Celeste’s twin sons are Ziggy’s half-brothers; how much should they be told about the truth about their father and how Ziggy was conceived; Bonnie’s guilt over killing someone and covering it up is eating her alive; Madeline’s marriage is falling apart…it’s quite excellent. The acting is also top notch. It was always kind of a high-glossy soap; and it certainly is veering into that territory now…the question is will someone else die in this season?

We’ll definitely be watching–and Meryl Streep is probably heading for yet another Emmy.

And now back to the spice mines.

IMG_0020 copy

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