Thursday morning, and it seems kind of gloomy out there outside the windows. The new dryer arrived–there was some drama involved, as always, but it was resolved in time for me to make it to my testing shift last night at the main office, and I have a working dryer again, so that all counts as a win. I did finish reading the Steve Berry yesterday; and am going to probably dive into either the new Laura Lippman (I am putting it off because then I’ll have to wait forever for the next one), one of the Rebecca Chances I’ve held back in reserve (Bad Sisters, Killer Queens, Killer Diamonds) or may just choose something random out of Mount TBR. I was thinking I may put off my reread of The Haunting of Hill House until October to celebrate Halloween; I do so enjoy doing a horror them for the entries that month.

I do have some thoughts about the Berry, but I need some more time to process them before I blog about the book. It was fun, but I had some issues with the actual story…

We also booked our tickets for Bouchercon in Toronto; and managed to get a decent price on the solitary non-stop from New Orleans to Toronto in each direction, which is absolutely lovely.  The older I get the less I enjoy air travel, plus I’ve learned to really despise changing planes. My antipathy for airports is undoubtedly based in having worked in one; I shudder every time I get near one. But that’s another thing to tick off the to-do list (huzzah!) and every little bit of progress helps. I didn’t work on either the line edit or the new book yesterday because of the dryer situation, but hopefully will be able to get back going again today. God, how I hate transition chapters.

I also hope everyone in Texas, and especially Houston, are getting ready for Tropical Storm possibly Hurricane Harvey. We’re supposed to get a lot of rain here in New Orleans from this system–yay–so I am planning on staying inside and safe from the storm.

And on that note, here’s a Throwback Thursday hunk for you, Constant Reader, the always delightful Marc Singer, about whom I had many prurient thoughts in the 1980’s:


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