So, Season 2 of The Man in the High Castle drops today, and there’s also Medici: Masters of Florence for me to watch, plus all kinds of reading and cleaning and so forth for me to do around the house this weekend. I also have all kinds of errands to run today–just thinking about it makes me tired. On the other hand, I can get everything done and hopefully be home long before five this evening (I am hoping at any rate).

I slept remarkably well last night–was tired, no doubt–and woke up this morning feeling rested and almost prepared to face a day of malls and shopping and errands and appointments and all that jazz. It will be lovely to get all the Christmas stuff done and out of the way, and that way I can have everything wrapped before Paul gets back on Sunday evening.

I also need to spend the late afternoon/early evening writing before retiring to my chair this evening. I am almost finished with Gore Vidal’s Empire, and last night before falling asleep I read some more of The Tigress of Fiori, which I haven’t looked at in a while. I think I’ll probably get all three books I’m reading finished either this weekend or over the course of the next week, and I am trying to decide what I want to read next–horror? Another crime novel? True crime? Literary fiction? I’m very behind on some of my favorite writers.

I also remembered some books I did not include on my list of the best reads of the year: Bent Road by Lori Roy, Lily by Michael Thomas Ford, Slade House by David Mitchell, Iron House by John Hart, and Roger Crowley’s City of Fortune: How Venice Ruled the Seas. My bad, I shouldn’t have just gone off the top of my head.

Bad, bad,bad Gregalicious.

I am still very pleased about my editor’s response to my short story. As I constantly say, and Constant Reader is aware, short fiction is very hard for me, so it’s enormously satisfying for me to write something that pleases an editor. It actually–and I honestly know this is twisted–means a lot more to me to be recognized for writing a good short story than writing a good novel.

Crazy, right?

Well aware.

All right, I need to make a list of what all I am going to be looking for at the various places I will be stopping to shop at today. Sigh. Groan. ARGH.

I detest shopping, I really do.

And as I prepare for my voyage deep into the heart of the spice mines today, here’s some French firemen hunks for you.

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