Big Love

I worked late last night, and so had to cancel Wacky Russian this morning; it simply wouldn’t have worked–there was no way I was getting up in time to see him this morning at eight. I actually didn’t get up until almost nine, and I am still a little sleepy-groggy, but hey, I’m awake and drinking coffee, so that’s a start. I also have a late night on Thursday, but I have appointments Friday afternoon so I took that day off. Paul is leaving tomorrow morning for his mother’s, so I am hoping to get his Christmas gifts handled then as well–even if it means a trip to the mall in Metairie. (shudder)

In other exciting news, I bought a ticket for a morning matinee showing of Rogue OneSaturday. (Paul and his mom are going to see it while he is visiting her.) This is inordinately exciting for me. I generally don’t go see movies, and I certainly never go see them alone. Kind of cool.

I finished revising my short story yesterday based on the editor’s notes, and I am hopeful that I was able to get the tweaking done properly. I am never confident that I am doing what the editor wants, and my guess is always that I have not. I’ll read it over again this weekend along with her notes to double check, but I always doubt myself, which drives me crazy.

CraziER. Crazier.


The book continues to hum along. I managed to write a chapter yesterday in less than an hour, and when I started writing it I didn’t think I’d be able to get a thousand words done because it was hard to get started, but then I thought, anything is better than nothing and next thing I knew I had a chapter done.

Remember how this works, Gregalicious. It always happens this way.

And now, back to the spice mines.

Today’s hunk:

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