If I Were You

So, I bought a car yesterday.

It probably might seem strange to you that I bought my first new car ever at the age of fifty-five; every other car I’ve ever had was used, and most often bought from my parents after having been in service for a minimum of ten years. It was in 2008 that I bought my first used car from someone other than my parents; a few months later I had to buy another. Yet this is my first ever brand new, from the dealer, new-car-smell-and-all new car, complete with financing and everything.

Who knew car insurance for a financed car was so much? YIKES.

I am not going to post a picture of the car, though, because I am superstitious. When I got rid of the Flying Couch and bought the Honda from Jean, I was very excited about it and posted pictures of it on here, Facebook, and everywhere. Less than two months later the car was totaled, so no, not doing THAT again–especially since the new car is ALSO a Honda. It’s a CR-V, and I love it. Do I love being that far in debt? No…but I hope to have the car completely paid off in a year or so. I have a plan.

It’s kind of strange, frankly, having a brand new car and ridding myself of the ‘oh, I hate to drive’ mentality. I’m not a fan of driving, no matter what I am actually driving, but now…now having a car that I don’t have to worry about breaking down while I’m on the road, and has power steering and a quality sound system and…well, now driving over to the beach won’t be a big deal, or heading up to Lafayette, or even driving over to Houston to visit la Becks and see the new Compound and spend money at Murder by the Book, or even just driving to the West Bank or to the burbs to shop, or go visit the Chalmette battlefield…the possibilities are endless.

I’m behind on my short story reading–I’m reading an Ellison story called “Grail,” which I hope to finish today, but the bizarre combination of buying a new car and then working late and everything has left me discombobulated.

I’m currently making dinner–shrimp and grits–and have a lot to get done tonight, so I am going to close this out with a shot of a hot guy with a car.