Touch Me in the Morning

Friday morning, and a little under the weather. I’ll spare you the gory details, but my suspicion is it’s a bit of food poisoning, perhaps? Regardless, it’s terribly unpleasant, and hopefully temporary.

I really feel terrible.

Last night after testing all day in the Carevan, I walked back home and started feeling bad; so I just took something to try to settle my stomach and curled up under my blanket to watch the season finale of The Real Housewives of New York and then streamed another episode of Southern Charm New Orleans, which, despite all of its offenses and basic trashiness (what reality show isn’t trashy?), has turned out to be highly addictive. And Jon Moody is rapidly becoming my favorite reality star of all time–he’s extremely good-looking, enormously talented, surprisingly down-to-earth, has an incredible sense of style, and just really comes across as a decent human being and a good friend to his friends. Obviously, this is all a part of the infamous reality show bait-and-switch; in which the producers build someone up to be likable by giving them a great edit, and then in a future season try to make the audience turn by giving them a bad edit–showing the shitty things they do and say rather than leaving them on the cutting room floor as they did when giving them the good edit.

He is also responsible for what be my favorite reality show character appraisal of all time: “Cool ranch doritos.” That alone should earn him a spot in the reality television hall of fame.

I managed to recover the words I lost Wednesday by redoing them yesterday morning before heading out to work. It was lovely; they aren’t the same words, and they aren’t good words, but as always happens after such a work catastrophe, the reconstructed words are better than the ones I originally wrote. Maybe I can get some work done today on it as well, since I am unwell. Trying to keep focused isn’t always easy in these instances, but I think I am going to retire to the easy chair under a blanket when I finish this and read/nap for a little while. I am also exhausted this morning; my bones and joints are achy, in addition to the stomach issues, and I am not entirely certain what that’s about, either. My entire body feels achingly tired. I slept deeply last night, too–I don’t know what could be causing this.

I hate being sick, and I hate that is seems to be more commonplace in my life than it ever used to be–I used to go years without even catching a cold, and now it seems like every month or so something goes haywire. Other things no one tells you about getting old, either. I don’t mind being old; I never ever think to myself, oh how I wish I was young again. I don’t. I don’t miss being young at all–other than the energy, the ability to bounce back quickly, and not aching all the time. That I miss, and the energy and drive to go to the gym multiple times per week.

But I am going to bring this to a close and go lay back down now. Have a lovely Friday, Constant Reader.




2 thoughts on “Touch Me in the Morning

  1. Dear Mr. Herren:
    An odd request, to be sure, but i recently found out, while exploring the BG Arena site, that you and another BGEast masked wrestler once fought with Reese Wells (aka Brody Hancock), though he is listed under another name, Stinger. Like most fans of the assorted (and growing!) number of amateur/underground wrestling sites, I have a number of favorite fighters–Reese at the top of the list, along with the likes of Scrappy McNair, Jeff Kenney, Tommy Tara, Christian Thorne, Gabriel (C)ross. Aryx Quinn/Tristan Baldwin, Eli Black, Alexi Adamov…and a dozen more.
    My query–and there’s no need to answer if you think my question is inappropriate–what was Reese/Brody like as a personality? Was he affable in the ring? Fun to hang out with before and after a match? He loses many of his matches from either BGEast or Rock Hard with style, and even wins a few, and from what I’ve gathered came out of the indie ranks before/while wrestling for BG & RH? Do you know if he ever wrestled under another name for anyone else? Any idea if he’s still wrestling as a more mature fellow?
    Your and Lightning Rod’s (did I get that name right?) bout with him is the only Reese/Brody match I don’t own–didn’t know about it until a couple of months ago–though I’ll likely rent it soon.
    We all have turn-ons, of course, and I will tell you that for the most part masked wrestling doesn’t do it for me, though I have viewed a couple of your matches, and do appreciate your enthusiasm for the mystique/unmasking of the masked wrestler; that said, I like to see faces, part of the sexiness, and his face is among the sexiest! Also–have read most of your mysteries, much enjoyed.
    Thanks for your time.
    All best–
    -Ral Andrews


    1. He was very shy and kept to himself for the most part. Very very sweet once you got him talking, but for the most part he just kind of looked at his phone unless someone asked him a question or said something to him. Alas, I never saw or spoke to him again after the weekend the match was taped, so I don’t know whatever happened to him. And yes, it was Lightning Rod.


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