I’m No Stranger to the Rain

At long last, a deep restful good night’s sleep! I feel almost human again…nah, let’s not go overboard. I’m a bit groggy, but I feel rested. My back is still a little sore, but I am hopeful that another good night’s sleep will bring that to an end as well.

The Lost Apartment is still a mess, alas. I’ve not had the time nor the energy to get it all cleaned and organized again, and Saturday is the NO/AIDS Walk as well as college football–so it’s probably not going to happen that day, either. I am hoping that at some point I’ll be able to get my act together…but it’s not working out so far. I’ve started writing another short story, need to finish writing at least three more (I think) and of course, have a book to write and another to revise.


You have to love stress. Well, maybe not so much <i>love</i>, but pressure is an enormous motivator for me.

Today I am making the to-do list. I am almost completely caught up on my emails, and I am also going to try to do a little brainstorming on a couple of the short stories as well as the book I need to write; a little later I may just go ahead and focus on the editing of the manuscript that needs to be edited. Baby steps. And if I can get one little thing done, and then another…next thing you know I will be all caught up!

Yeah, right.

There will always be something else to do. I always have something else to do.

So, all things considered I am doing just fine. I want to finish reading Barbara Michaels’ Prince of Darkness, and I have some emails that I need to send, and there’s the LSU-Auburn game this weekend, and so many other things. So many other things.

I am also stuck in that post-conference ‘creative batteries have been recharged’ cycle where ideas are crashing through my head and I have to really start reining everything in and get focused.

And in order to do that, I really need to get back to the spice mines.

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